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Emergency Wall Removal and Restoration needed

A portion of the front perimeter wall of Carmel Mission has deteriorated and had to be removed immediately as a safety precaution. The Carmel Mission Foundation was able to work with the Carmel Mission Parish to fund the emergency repair. Demolition crews began work Monday, August 31, to remove 30 feet of adobe wall stretching from the front gate to the Museum Store. A secure temporary wall has been installed until the historic wall can be rebuilt during the upcoming Downie Museum and Basilica Forecourt restoration project that is planned to seismically retrofit the unreinforced Downie Museum structure and improve the grade adjacent to the gardens leading to the Basilica entrance. The project is designed to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Carmel Mission in 2021.

While the Basilica is a stone structure, many of the structures on the Mission property are built with unreinforced masonry and remain in danger of collapse from deterioration and seismic activity.  The Carmel Mission Foundation is dedicated to funding the strengthening of all historic structures and grounds throughout the 22-acre property over time. In 2013, together with the Parish and Diocese of Monterey, the Foundation spearheaded a $5.5 million dollar campaign to seismically strengthen and restore the renowned Basilica. In 2016, the Foundation completed the $2.2 million restoration of the Quadrangle courtyard ensuring that this beautiful outdoor space is safe, accessible, and secure for large community gatherings and fitted with updated, subsurface fire suppression, fiberoptic cable, water, and sewer lines that will support future restoration of surrounding structures, the Mission’s main museum space in particular.

Thanks to generous private donors and grant awards, the Foundation has been successful in raising $3.3 million of the $4 million needed for the Downie Museum and Basilica Forecourt project in a short 18 months. But due to COVID, several anticipated grant awards needed to secure the final $670,000 required to begin the project, have understandably shifted to support those in immediate need.  So the funding goal is very close but not yet in hand, and the emergency repair has added $125,000 to the fundraising effort in order to remove and restore this front perimeter wall.

If you are interested in supporting the emergency wall repair and making the Downie Museum and Basilica Forecourt project a reality in time for the Carmel Mission’s 250th anniversary in 2021, please contact the Carmel Mission Foundation at (831)624-3261 or For more information about the project please visit  


For sponsorship opportunities, legacy gifts, or Serra Tile options, please contact our office at (831) 624-3261 or 

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