Preserving the Past for Future Generations

National Historic Landmark, 11 historic structures, and 5 museums throughout 22 acres

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“Step Back in Time”

Gala to benefit the Carmel Mission Foundation

Postponed until 2021


First Annual Black and White Gala to benefit

the Carmel Mission Foundation

“Step Back in Time”

Postponed until 2021

Join us as we “Step Back in Time” to share the living history of Carmel Mission from 1870-1920 as the Monterey Peninsula developed.

Evening Events

The First Annual Black and White Gala to benefit the Carmel Mission Foundation

                                                                                               Mission Ranch, 2020


Mission Ranch | Carmel

With a deep rooted history of its own, Mission Ranch was the likely choice for hosting the Camel Mission Foundation’s First Annual Gala. The Patio Barn and Main barn will be transformed into a black and white image that will take you back in time, showcasing our local history with images dating back to 1870’s. Vintage cocktails and regional menu selections will highlight our region’s culture as we enjoy the living history of our past.

                                                                                                Misson Ranch, 1905


Renowned local historian, Neal Hotelling has put together an incredible video to showcase the living history of Carmel Mission as the Monterey Peninsula developed around it. The video will highlight companies and structures that have endured through the last 100 years and will honor Pat Hathaway who’s 50 years of archiving through California Views allow this history to been seen through incredible images.

Carmel Mission Foundation

The Carmel Mission Foundation was established to restore and preserve the historic structures, grounds, and artifacts throughout the 22-acre property that is Carmel Mission. Since 2008, the Foundation has invested over $10 million in restoration and preservation endeavors, which included the structural restoration of renowned Basilica and the Quadrangle Courtyard. With 11 historic structures, 5 museums and countless artifacts there is much more to do. Our goal is to ensure the remaining structures and grounds are safe and stable for use by our community including  hundreds of thousands of locals, students, and tourists who visit the mission annually.

Our current restoration project will restore a 100-year-old adobe building used as the Downie Museum and the main entrance and courtyard of the Basilica. This $4 million project will structurally stabilize the building used as the orientation center for mission visitors and double the museum space to showcase the history of the mission’s restoration years from 1870-1940’s and highlight the artifacts unearthed during this time. We will remedy all flooding and drainage issues within the courtyard and enhance accessibility throughout the grounds for all to enjoy. We are currently 85% funded for this project and with this Gala, we anticipate full funding by June 1st which will allow us to complete this 6-8 month project in time to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Carmel Mission next year.

Join us Friday, May 15, 2020 at Mission Ranch in Carmel. Guests will “Step Back in Time” as we share the living history of Carmel Mission from 1870 to 1920 as it endured through the development of our region. The evening includes a cocktail reception, incredible historic images, music, auction, and dinner presentation.

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