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The Carmel Mission Foundation, Inc. was formed in 2008 to fund the restoration and preservation of the historic properties and artifacts of the Carmel Mission (Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Río Carmelo) located in Carmel, California. The Mission is a U.S. National Historic Landmark, a California State Landmark, and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. It is a significant part of California’s heritage.

The Foundation’s focus covers four broad areas:

• To restore and preserve the architectural integrity of the historic physical structures
• To foster restoration of the Spanish-Colonial arts and artifacts dating from the 16th Century
• To support historical and artistic exhibits
• To promote an understanding of the historical importance of the California mission system

The Foundation has raised over $10 million in cash and pledges to support the restoration and preservation of the Carmel Mission. Phase I, the $5.5 million restoration of the Basilica was completed in 2013. Phase II began with the $2.0 million renovation of the Quadrangle Courtyard, completed in 2016. The next major project in Phase II will address the Mission’s museums. Long-term, it is the Foundation’s objective to develop the financial resources to complete the restoration of all historical structures, art, and artifacts of the Carmel Mission and to establish reserves to allow for their preservation into perpetuity.

OFFICERS AND DIRECTORSBoard members (l to r) Rich Pèpe, Richard Denier, Doug Oldfield, Karen Cumings, Paul Gutierrez, Ed DiYanni, Valera Lyles, Samuel Gesumaria, and Vic Grabrian, President and CEO

Karen Cumings, Monterey, CA


Richard Denier, Carmel, CA

Ed DiYanni, Carmel, CA

Sam Gesumaria, Carmel, CA
Chairman of the Board

Victor Grabrian, Carmel, CA
President & Chief Executive Officer


Paul Gutierrez, Carmel, CA

Vice President

Douglas Hayashi, Salinas, CA
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Valera Lyles, Carmel, CA

Douglas Oldfield, Carmel, CA
Corporate Secretary

Rich Pèpe, Carmel, CA



Brian Call
Victor Grabrian
Dolores P. Hagey
Ronald L. Jacobson
Lane Loyko
Louis Sanna
Gail Sheridan
Mary Kay Teresa
Charles R. Wilmot
Samuel Wright


Richard Denier, Paul Guiterrez, Rich Pèpe, and Victor Grabrian manage the Foundation’s booth at the Carmel Mission Classic Car Show and Blessing of the Automobiles.

The Carmel Mission Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in April 2008, and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The Foundation is independent from any religious organization. Its Tax ID number is 26-2981780. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.